Egyptian cotton and the colorful world of Collégien socks

Socks and slippers are a must-have item of clothing. In addition, he is quite popular - whoever has not received socks and slippers as a gift at least once does not know the true magic of Christmas. It's a joke, but the truth is, these are useful things that are hard to do without. Today we will talk about children's socks, not just any, because they are made of Egyptian cotton! Colorful Collégien products will steal your heart!

Fashion that is also practical and presents high quality is the best fashion! Collégien is a company founded in 1947 - at a time when fast fashion and low-quality products did NOT EXIST. The manufacturer still sews and produces socks, tights and so-called slippers, i.e. socks with rubber soles, which first appeared on the market thanks to Collégien and immediately became very popular.

Collégien products were adored in the twentieth century and the brand was known all over Europe, although it started out in a small French village. At a time when marketing was in its infancy, such success could only be caused by one thing - the excellent quality of the products offered. In fact, it was so, and most interestingly, this quality has survived to this day. In 2007, the company's CEO rediscovered the Collégien brand. Thanks to this, you can see great, colorful or classic, tights, socks and knee socks for children today at Miss Lemonade.

Lovely knee-high socks, tights and socks Collégien are made from start to finish in France. The manufacturer uses Egyptian cotton, i.e. premium cotton. These are not empty words - Egyptian cotton (which, by the way, is harvested by hand, not by machine), has thin and long fibers. In practice, this means that Egyptian cotton fibers can be made into a very tight weave, which is characterized by high durability. Considering the activities of frisky kids, endurance is an undoubted advantage of children's tights. And this is just the beginning!

Like regular cotton, the Egyptian variety is also breathable - perfect for summer and winter as it adapts to body temperature. Its wonderful softness also deserves attention. Even the most active, demanding and sincere child will not complain about the fact that Egyptian cotton stockings or tights "scratch". And now the icing on the cake: Egyptian cotton does not cause allergies, so it is especially recommended for babies and children.

It can be said that Collégien tights and knee-high socks are unbreakable and the comfort they provide is priceless. Egyptian cotton perfectly absorbs moisture, so sweat will not stay on the skin, and a little elegant woman in a beautiful dress and tights will not catch a cold when the wind blows unexpectedly. Collégien products are available in so many colors, from pastel to very strong, that you will easily find your toddler's taste.

We also encourage you to see the famous slippers, which in Poland are called slippers. We especially like the black and white striped Collégien Zig Zag slippers (slippers for a rock star!) And Collégien Nid douilet Creamy, i.e. pink slippers with black dots (for a little princess). Children's slippers can be washed in a washing machine, and they are made of wool, cashmere and angora, among others.

Finally, we wanted to add that tights, socks, knee-high socks and slippers Collégien are NOT disposable or multi-use products. Therefore, it is worth dividing the price by all existing tights from chain stores, which had to be thrown away after several times because they stretched, puffed or torn. Contrary to appearances, buying the best quality items means savings and, of course, convenience.

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