Fun at home: what to do to organize your child's time?

Recently, we came across an interesting discussion on childcare on the web. It turned out that many parents are very nervous about having fun. The fact is that adults have a poor imagination, which means that many parents do not like playing with their children. Therefore, we have prepared a short guide for you on how to creatively organize your child's time.

Is Reluctance To Play With Your Baby A Bad Thing?

It is the normal course of things to grow out of children's games. Among adults there are people gifted with a talent for inventing creative games with children, but the vast majority of parents feel horrified at the thought of playing dolls or stacking blocks. More and more parents openly admit that they love spending time with their children, but not having fun. In our texts, we often give you ideas for creative games with children, we bring you reputable educational toys and tell you how important it is to pay attention to children. Therefore, this time we want to give you ideas and strategies, thanks to which children will learn to play independently. This will also come in handy for them.

Parenting comes with a lot of pressure, and social media seems to add to that pressure. Parents should remember, however, that children are the most important determinant of successful parenting. And contrary to appearances, children do not need much. Mostly love, acceptance and attention. This does not mean, however, that a parent should give up his duties to spend the whole day playing at the store.

Fun games for children at home

Most children have a plethora of toys in their collection, but usually only a few favorites are in use. Children usually choose those toys that suit their concepts and interests. A great example is the classic doll game. If your daughter loves Barbie, she will use all the items to play that will help her make dolls even more interesting. It is the same with car fun. The child will make an obstacle course of everything. And sometimes these games make a terrible mess at home, but it's worth being patient. In his opinion, the child does not make a mess, but organizes a place to play. After all, it is enough to organize a cleaning game to restore order in the apartment together, even for a few hours.

We emphasize many times that young children simply adore their parents and that is why they like to be close. Your presence counts more than playing with your baby. When you are cooking dinner and planning to spend some time in the kitchen, let your child spread their toy belongings at a safe distance so that you can see each other. A happy son or daughter will have their best fun and you will keep an eye on your eyes while you can concentrate on cooking. The same can be done when you as a parent want to rest, exercise, try a movie or listen to a podcast. Help your child organize a fun play area and explain what you plan to do.

By the way, the play station is the key word. Tents or self-made blanket bases are best for this purpose. The child will bring their favorite toys inside and motivated by a new seat, they will be lost in play for many hours. If you still do not tear off the gigantic blanket base in the center of the living room, pay attention to the more subtle tents and canopies that Konges Slojd and Numero 74 have in our store. These types of accessories can also be used on the beach or in the garden.

Experts also recommend using the so-called rotation of toys. This is great for toddlers. Rotation means that some of the toys that the child is not using yet should be hidden. When the current batch of toys becomes bored, replace them with those from the warehouse in the wardrobe. Over and over again. The child then experiences a positive shock, just like adults when cleaning their clothes, when they discover what treasures are hidden on the shelves in the back of the wardrobe.

The parent also has the right to time off

Taking care of a child, especially if it is a newborn or little older toddler, is full-time work plus overtime. And then there are the boring responsibilities of being an adult. The trick is to organize your life with children in such a way as not to forget that you are also a human being, and not just a parent. And we are talking not only about going out with friends from time to time. We also mean that when the house is a mess and you fall off your feet, leave the mess alone. Let it be! You'll have time to clean up, while your well-being is much more important. Remember that ideal parenting straight from Instagram does not exist. Nothing, however, can replace the love and care of a parent.

We are sure you are a wonderful mother / father. Children are also wonderful and wise by nature. Created to discover the world and achieve individual successes every day. When learning to walk and speak, which come naturally to children, play is not an effort. You don't have to worry about it. Moreover, not all games need to be educational. For a child, each play plays a developmental and educational role. All childhood is one great education! Therefore, you can easily, with a clear conscience, buy your child a toy that does not have an educational note.

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