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glo pals

Glo Pals: the Magic of Light and Education in Children's Fun

Glo Pals is an innovative brand that has won the hearts of children and parents around the world with its unique products that combine fun with education and safety. Glo Pals specialises in creating interactive, luminous bath toys that not only provide lots of fun, but also support the sensory development of little ones.

Glo Pals products are primarily luminous cubes and figures that activate when immersed in water. In this way, every dip becomes a magical experience that encourages children to take longer and more enjoyable baths. These waterproof, child-safe accessories are available in a variety of colours and shapes, further stimulating the imagination and creativity of little ones.

One of the main strengths of the Glo Pals brand is its commitment to children's education and development. The products are designed to stimulate the senses and promote fine motor development. Through interactive features, children learn basic cause-and-effect principles, develop hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills.

Glo Pals also pays great attention to the safety of its products. All toys are made from non-toxic materials, are BPA-free and meet the highest safety standards, ensuring peace of mind for parents.

Not only does the brand provide fun during bath time, it also promotes social inclusion and diversity awareness. Each Glo Pals figurine has a unique name and personality, which promotes values such as friendship, acceptance and cooperation.

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glo pals

Glo Pals Luminous Cubes

Glowing cubes are the flagship product of the Glo Pals brand. These small, colourful cubes activate when immersed in water, emitting bright light in different colours. They are available in sets that can be mixed to create colourful lighting effects while bathing. The cubes are available in a wide range of colours such as blue, red, green and yellow. Each cube has water-activated sensors that automatically switch off the light when removed from the water. The cubes are waterproof, non-toxic and BPA-free, ensuring safe play for children.

Glo Pals Luminous Figurines

Luminous figurines are adorable characters that also activate when they come into contact with water, emitting a bright light. Each figurine has its own unique name and personality, adding an extra dimension to the fun. The figurines are available in a variety of shapes and characters, such as animals, fairy tale characters or abstract creatures. The figurines glow in different colours, depending on the model. Each figure has a story, which can be the starting point for creative stories and educational games.

glo pals
glo pals

Glo Pals Theme Sets

Thematic kits are comprehensive packages that contain several glowing cubes and/or figures related to a specific theme, e.g. ocean, space, forest, etc.

The popular themed sets cover a variety of environments and worlds, encouraging children to explore and learn. Each set is carefully designed to create a cohesive and exciting play setting.

Glo Pals Sensory Jars

Glo Pals sensory jars are innovative and engaging products designed to stimulate children's senses and support their cognitive and emotional development. Each jar contains a variety of elements and materials that respond to interaction, providing children with rich sensory experiences.

Glo Pals sensory jars offer many benefits for child development:

Sensory Stimulation: A variety of textures, colours and moving elements stimulate the senses of sight, touch and hearing.

Cognitive Development: Children learn about cause and effect by observing how different elements respond to shaking or turning the jar.

Relaxation and Calming: Sensory activity can help to calm and soothe children, especially those with sensory hypersensitivity or autism disorders.

Creativity and Imagination: Encourage children to create stories and play games related to the contents of the jar.

glo pals

Glo Pals is an innovative brand specialising in the creation of interactive, glowing bath toys and sensory jars that combine play with education and sensory development for children. Glo Pals products, such as luminous cubes and figurines, activate on contact with water, providing magical lighting effects and encouraging children to take longer baths. The brand pays great attention to safety, using non-toxic materials and meeting the highest quality standards. In addition, Glo Pals offers sensory jars that stimulate children's senses through a variety of textures, colours and moving parts. Through innovative products, Glo Pals supports children's cognitive, motor and emotional development, transforming bath time and playtime into an educational and fun-filled experience.

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