We all love cats, and whoever doesn't love them simply has never dealt with these cute, fluffy creatures. The designers of the children's brand Mini Rodini know very well how to use the cat's charm, which results in a fantastic, new collection of summer clothes for children!

If you do not eat sugar on a daily basis, the latest Mini Rodini collection will provide you with a daily dose of sweets. And we will emphasize a great fact right away: T-shirts will work with the same success for both girls and boys. The cut is universal. Stylish Mini Rodini T-shirts will go well with skirts and boyish shorts. Isn't that great?

The latest Mini Rodini collection offers white and gray T-shirts made of organic cotton. Bright colors and airy, natural material will ensure your child's comfort on hot summer days. They are also great under a sweatshirt or jacket. Simple T-shirts are trimmed with black or red fabric to give them a bit of a twist. And of course, the main element of the newest drop is the cats!

For little lovers of the classics, we offer the calmest cut of T-shirts with the graceful name of Baby Cat. On the other hand, fans of crazy designs will surely like the Clairvoyant cotton T-shirt. Here we have an abundance of cats, and the whole is complemented by colorful inscriptions, thanks to which the T-shirt has a slightly comic look.

The brand new Mini Rodini collection also includes cotton socks, including non-slip socks. Style-matched to T-shirts! The socks have a minimal admixture of elastane and polyamide, added only to give the socks flexibility. 80% of organic cotton in the composition will provide children's feet with maximum comfort, allowing the skin to breathe freely.

Summer is not only heat, although there will be those who would definitely prefer such a scenario to the colorful variability of weather that we observe in Europe. Sweaters and sweatshirts in the Polish wardrobe will always dominate, because there are definitely more cold days in the year.

Mini Rodini is a Swedish brand, so the complicated weather realities are very well known to the brand owner. Hence, the new collection of children's clothes also includes stylish sweatshirts. And here is a surprise, in addition to cat motifs, we also have a mouse chasing cheese theme. Until we are reminded of the old fairy tale Tom and Jerry!

Mini Rodini sweatshirts for spring and summer have a straight cut. As with t-shirts, the prints do the trick and everything else is classic. Thanks to this, the clothes are colorful and eye-catching, and at the same time do not lead to nystagmus. What's more, they can be easily combined with various elements of children's wardrobe.

The material of the Mini Rodini sweatshirts is 100% organic cotton obtained in an ethical and sustainable way. The high quality of the material ensures durability of the brand's clothes and makes them look perfect for a long time. The brand owner wants stylish children's clothes to remain in circulation as long as possible, so that the impact on the environment is as low as possible.

Cassandra Rhodin, founder of Mini Rodini, is an illustrator by profession. She is an artist who did not let the spark of child's joy fade away with her adulthood. With her work, a woman refers to the feeling of excitement that accompanies parents when shopping for their beloved children. The artist wanted these purchases to be combined with the joy of children and minimal impact on nature.

As a result, we have extremely interesting suggestions for children's clothes. It is a timeless, practical children's fashion that is hard to pass by indifferently. Mini Rodini clothes charm adults and are eagerly worn by children who also already have their own taste.

The brand's clothing collections have a very positive message. A great example of this are baseball caps with the imprint: The Future Looks Bright. In free translation, it means a bright future. Today's kids use English without any problems, and such positive slogans teach them to look boldly into the future and never give up their child's ability to enjoy each day.

Check out the old Mini Rodini collections, which are also very interesting! These are children's clothes that will never go out of fashion and will encourage your child or children to express themselves freely.

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