We are pleased to present to you another fantastic brand from the Netherlands, which, as one of the few in Poland, we had the opportunity to introduce to the Miss Lemonade offer. This time we are dealing with a brand that also sews clothes for older children, which many of you will surely like. See what distinguishes the Longlivethequeen brand!

Longlivethequeen entirely devotes its activities to girls, and more specifically to girls aged 4 to 16. The founder of the brand is Hetty Van Driest, who also creates unique projects, of course in line with current trends. Longlivethequeen is a relatively young brand, present only in selected stores in Europe and America. If you are interested in fashionable clothes for girls, you must hang your eye on the timeless elements of girls' wardrobe from Longlivethequeen. Especially for you, we have ordered timeless clothing gems of the Dutch brand!

Comfort is undoubtedly a hallmark of clothes created by Hetty Van Driest. We are dealing with natural materials, including wool, cotton or incredibly soft alpaca wool. Muted colors of clothes for girls are also noteworthy, adding style to the clothes. Beige, purple, pink and black Longlivethequeen blouses, skirts and tracksuits are not only pleasing to the eye, but also easy to clean and durable. The classic design is broken by delicate but eye-catching accents, for example in the form of puffed sleeves or flared trouser legs. The brand fits perfectly into contemporary trends, presenting a girls' collection that is nonchalant, comfortable and smelling of great quality. Perfect for older children who are strongly attached to their own style and careful selection of clothes.

Longlivethequeen is definitely not a brand for quantity. The manufacturer's website also includes a certain number of clothes, and all the brand's collections are limited. However, when we look at the individual garments from the Hatty Van Driest collection, we will understand that it is quite enough! The clothes are so versatile that they can be used in any season. A beautiful cotton skirt will work in summer and winter, in the cooler season, just put on cotton tights for your child. In turn, blouses and sweaters will be perfect as a comfortable addition to shorts in summer and warm tracksuits in winter. We are still talking about organic cotton, which, thanks to its breathability, ensures maximum comfort at any time of the year. We like this versatility very much, because it limits the use of space in the wardrobe. What's more, Lobglivethequeen clothes will match every girl's favorite clothes.

Instagram specialists recommend living here and now, but every parent knows that it is not entirely possible. Because if we have welcomed our own children to the world, we will always care for them, looking ahead. And while it is worth letting children grow up freely and looking for their own way, it is our common business to provide them with a good place to live. After all, it would be nice if our children matured in good times. The times when there is no shortage of access to drinking water, where there are still forests and beautiful places in the world. To this end, as a society, we must somewhat curb the actions of large corporations, whose owners of the advice on life here and now have taken more than enough to heart. Perhaps after the Earth has been depleted, humans will move to Mars, but after moving, they will eventually realize that life without green trees and wonderful animals is not the same.

Fortunately, we are slowly learning again that living in harmony with nature does not have to mean giving up comfort, on the contrary. After all, it is sustainable clothing brands that are considered the most luxurious. It is the same with furniture and souvenirs from the times of the Polish People's Republic, which have recently returned to favor. Bored and tired of decaying plastic objects, we are looking for natural products, created properly and from what nature has given us. We are talking more and more boldly about the fact that we want to dress comfortably and nicely, and not simply fashionable. The Longlivethequeen brand fits perfectly in this trend. The brand's high-quality clothes and accessories are made of natural fabrics, often obtained as a result of upcycling. Upcycling is when we make a thing an even better thing with little use of chemical processing techniques.

A great example are shopping bags made of old T-shirts, or fashionable children's sweaters made by hand from old, unfashionable sweaters for adults. In connection with this, the Longlivethe queen brand reduces the production of carbon footprint to a minimum, and at the same time offers recipients amazing, quality things. Always fashionable and unique!

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