Louise Misha SS21

Long live summer! At Louise Misha, the new season is a new collection! Subtle patterns, floral embroidery, delicate lace and timeless satin seams, all done by hand. Little elegant ladies choose dignified dresses and embroidered blouses or stylish shirts and skirts perfect for everyday adventures. The spring-summer 2021 collection from the Louise Misha brand takes us to the amazing world of childhood dreams. A world that is full of color, gentleness and unlimited happiness.

Louise Misha was founded in 2012. The founder and designer of the brand is Marie Pidancet, who talks about the brand willingly and with great passion. “Louise Misha is a journey and a constant need to keep running. It's also a friendship story and a family story. But today, most of all, Louise Misha is an extraordinary human adventure made up of a united and kind team, talented and respectful suppliers, and loyal customers who have always made Louise Misha's heart beat faster. " In each collection, Louise Misha plays with fabrics and colors, creates a fashion that matches her image. The company took every detail of its products.

Until now, the inspiration for creating the magical collections of Louise Misha clothes were the farthest and wildest corners of Africa. It is a tribute to friendship, family and natural materials. Jean Laude (Marie's grandfather) was a poet and art critic, he was passionate about African art. Designer Louise Misha grew up surrounded by art that her grandfather adored. Louise Misha's clothing designs reflect her passion for primitive art, travel, folklore and local cultures. Africa is a mysterious land, mythical in its own way. It is here that cultures, beliefs and dreams of people with different views of the world meet. What connects them? Love of simple life and nature. In turn, the father of the main designer of the brand was passionate about painting. Thanks to this, Marie found inspiration in fashion, in vintage arts, old embroidery, and delicate lace.

The SS21 collection is different. The inspiration is different. The clock is ticking, but time seems to have stopped. This is the time when the idea of ​​travel has been ruined. Marie, the designer of Louise Misha, had to look elsewhere, unlike before. She took the opportunity to delve into her past, into her memories. Pictures from her childhood brought back her collection of memories, which became a source of her inspiration. Born in 1983, a few kilometers from Paris, "little" Marie remembers the smell of her wooden desk in her classroom, her years in the college choir, walks in the Luxembourg Gardens and holidays in the countryside. She also remembers her father showing her impressionist paintings and even the studio of Suzanne Valadon, a French painter whom she admires for her avant-garde. Photo by photo, every memory inspired her soul to create this slightly unique collection for the spring-summer 2021 season. The SS21 collection goes back to the French roots of the Louise Misha brand. Each season, the brand's designers present beautiful lookbooks, this time it is similar. Children present the latest collection in several locations that reflect Marie Pidancet's memories.

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Louise Misha SS21

The new collection was designed in Paris, inspired by memories from Paris. It was easy for the creators of the brand to call the collection "From Paris" and "A return to the roots". Marie's roots are in Paris, but let's not forget that the Louise Misha brand itself is from Paris, a few steps from Le Marais (Paris's trendy neighborhood) and Opéra Bastille (modern opera house, home to the National Opera of Paris). The latest spring-summer collection of children's clothing includes the basic elements of Parisian wardrobe refreshed in a bohemian style.

Parents will surely like the stylish dresses from the SS21 collection, which are perfect for spring. Our hit is the Bisiali dress decorated with a beautiful floral pattern. It is available in yellow or turquoise color. The dress is above the knee, has long sleeves finished with a welt, and beautiful embroidery. Bisiali is an excellent choice both for a spring walk and an elegant celebration. Details catch the eye, adding nonchalance and girlishness. The dress will look beautiful in combination with stylish sandals or soft tights. In summer, girls will love the Mistinguette dress, which, depending on your daughter's preferences, is available in pink, turquoise or yellow. A dress that resembles a loose jumpsuit will make your daughter look fashionable and stylish. Sporty elegance is something young fashionistas love. If you are surprised by colder days during your summer travels, you should have a Soluta jacket or a Teliani model in your backpack. Lovely jackets are real gems of this year's collection of Louise Misha for the spring-summer season. Warm cotton fabric will protect the body from cold wind or unexpected rain. You can store your favorite sweets in the front pockets. The zip fastening makes putting on and taking off the jacket child's play. A classic of a spring look inspired by distant Africa? We are for yes!

To the beach, swimming pool, lake. A comfortable swimsuit is a must have for every trip, summer camp or family camp. Louise Misha is not afraid to mix patterns and colors. Every detail of the Louise Misha swimwear is filled with sun, great holiday fun and child carefree. Louise Misha's bikini and swimwear collection was inspired by a trip to distant Cuba. Cuba is a region of exotic flowers, happy people and music that makes even the biggest opponents of moving on the dance floor dance. The colorful vegetation of that region is visible on Louise Misha swimwear. It is mainly seen in one-piece swimwear decorated with a frill and a beautiful lacing on the back. An outfit with a colorful, floral motif is a must have for every holiday suitcase. It can be worn both to the beach and when walking in a seaside resort. Little fashionistas will love an outfit in muted colors, decorated with strings in a contrasting pink color. The Spanish-style neckline is a detail that will make your daughter feel like a little woman. The silver thread makes every mermaid shine on the beach. For girls who like to play with trends, we recommend a two-piece bikini - fashion and comfort in one, and more tanned body!

Louise Misha SS21

Spring and summer is the time when children spend a lot of time outdoors, go on school trips, play as much as they want. Louise Misha also remembers all the amazing moms, women. If you are already planning a long-awaited vacation or are thinking about refreshing your own wardrobe, then you need to look towards the Louise Misha mom collection. Our hearts stole the soft-to-touch dresses. Stylish, airy, light dresses from the new collection fly away with the spring breeze. With sleeves or shoulder straps, embroidered or lace accessories, made of linen, cotton or silk, Misha has created dresses for moms, for every taste and every desire. At Louise Misha, you can enjoy the summer both in the city and in the countryside. If you are going for a walk, picnic or need to take something with you, the Temis backpack with floral patterns will be a great choice. A quilted organic cotton backpack with an exclusive print designed in the brand's Paris studio. The backpack is fastened with a button, which is made of coconut, has a wide and thus comfortable harness. Such an accessory will give your summer styling a unique and authentic character.

Louise Misha - bohemian style clothing for women, children and babies.

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