The French brand Louise Misha is an absolutely unique brand. These are clothes that are made of rich experience and true passion for creation. Louise Misha's clothes are one of the most luxurious and interesting children's clothes on the market. Best of all, the brand also offers clothes for women. Today we invite you to a small review of clothes from the latest collection of Louise Misha for the fall / winter 2022 season.

The founder and main creator of the Louise Misha brand - Marie Pidancet - is an avid traveler. The designer also comes from an artistic home where poetry, music and a passion for long journeys filled every day. This gave young Marie a great opportunity to develop her imagination and pursue various passions. Marie's approach to life is clearly visible in her projects for Louise Misha. The brand's clothes are original, and at the same time very luxurious, interesting and pleasing to the eye. They combine French flair with the wildness of the African steppes and it must be admitted that it looks really great.

This year, the brand invites all fans to another fascinating journey around the world. This time we also come back to the memories, because Louise Misha turns 10 years old. On this occasion, Marie refers to the brand's beginnings with the style of new projects. Just like 10 years ago, the current children's clothes are timeless styles that will be just as beautiful in the next 10 years and longer. In the designs for the fall / winter 2022 season, we have a lot of folklore from around the world, an admixture of elegant vintage style and retro cuts that you can literally fall in love with!

Louise Misha's clothes communicate its fantastic quality from afar. Luxurious materials and beautiful, original prints perfectly match the individual style and stand out from the clothes from the fast fashion chain. The great fit is also worth mentioning: beautifully and precisely sewn Louise Misha clothes fit perfectly on the body, providing comfort and good style. The brand will help to complement children's or women's wardrobe with clothes perfect for special occasions. These unique projects will make you feel like a member of the artistic Parisian bohemia! In turn, children will appreciate the incredible comfort of Louise Misha clothes, which will allow them to withstand even the longest name day at their aunt's or the protracted beginning of the school year. The brand's activity fits perfectly with the principle that clothes should serve us, not make life difficult.

In the fall-winter collection, the brand offers clothes for babies, children and women as standard. Men can only be jealous, but don't worry, we also offer cool clothes for dads. Meanwhile, Louise Misha puts her heart into creating projects for mothers and babies. No collection of the brand can do without dresses and we have a lot of them in the proposals for the cold season. Folklore dresses will prove themselves on various occasions, and long sleeves and thick cotton will provide girls with comfort during bad weather!

The new collection by Louise Misha is very associated with warmth and cozy comfort. The brand offers amazing woolen sweaters that will add splendor to literally every stylization. Jacquard, cardigan, colorful or plain - everyone will find the perfect sweater for themselves. And what are pleasant to the touch and comfortable. Pure poetry!

Louise Misha beautifully combines the colors of the earth with various motifs. The AW 2022 collection includes typical folklore prints, immortal checks and timeless stripes. Knitwear and beautiful, regional ornaments reign supreme. The children's collection was also enriched with animal motifs. No self-respecting brand can do without prints or sew on in the shape of animals! The collection is also rich in knitted sweaters, dresses and trousers. And if you don't have outerwear for fall and winter yet, Louise Misha has some amazing suggestions for you. The projects celebrating the 10th anniversary of the brand are so beautiful and decent that it is really hard for us to focus only on selected elements. You can see that Marie Pidancet did her best to appreciate brand lovers and give them something really special through unique designs.

The brand refers to bohemia, luxury and travel in its projects for a reason. Over the years of her activity, Marie has managed to create a brand that promotes modern motherhood, in which a woman is a strength, a loving mother, and at the same time an independent individual who has the right to think about herself as well. Louise Misha carries a very positive message, convincing to dreams and joy of life, regardless of age. Consequently, Louise Misha clothes for women emphasize feminine beauty and provide incredible comfort at the same time. Just in time to go boldly through life!

The brand could not call itself artistic and luxurious if it did not focus on sustainable production and natural materials of the highest quality. Louise Misha offers clothes made of silk, cotton and wool. Just touch a brand dress or sweater to fall in love with it even before wearing it. Clothes for children and adults are properly sewn, because the seamstresses have time for it. Contrary to fast fashion clothes, where new collections appear every 3 weeks, here we deal with projects that are created for many months. It is not without significance that brand employees earn normal money. By supporting the development of Louise Misha, we also support the promotion of sustainable fashion, i.e. fashion that is not based on the exploitation of people from developing countries. And it is appreciated!

The Louise Misha brand focuses on real life. Marie Pidancet encourages people to celebrate life and appreciate the beauty of different cultures through her projects. You could say that Louise Misha is not a beautiful life on Instagram, but a beautiful life for real. This is what we wish you all.

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