Konges Slojd is a respected and recommended brand of children's clothing and accessories. Recently, new products have appeared that we want to tell you about. There is definitely something to watch, and the renowned brand once again proves that it has no equal in creating charming and timeless designs!

Children are a challenge and at the same time a joy that cannot be compared with anything else. Parents filled with love soak up each period of parenthood, observing in disbelief how their beloved children grow up quickly. One moment an infant, and the next a student marching to school. After some time, the baby's infancy is just a memory that comes alive at the sight of souvenirs in the form of tiny rompers or a soft blanket. Speaking of baby accessories, we have some practical suggestions for you from Konges Slojd. For example, the functional Nola baby carrier, which will be especially appreciated by active parents who value comfort.

The latest Konges Slojd collection also includes designer feeding bottles, cotton blankets and changing mats as well as charming pram hangers. These are high-quality items that will make caring for a baby easier. These items should also be kept for the next children, because they do not lose their quality over time and you can safely use them for many years!

This year Konges Slojd took care of all sunbathers, preparing fantastic gadgets for parents and children for the beach and, in general, for summer trips. Perhaps you are planning to spend more time in the garden or have booked a holiday on a farm stay. Beach toys, swimming accessories and sunglasses will also come in handy there!

One of our favorite brands has provided all the beach accessories you can think of. The diving goggles from the Molly Beach collection are especially lovely. It is the perfect gadget for kids learning to swim, be it at the pool or at the seaside. And for kids who don't want to immerse themselves in the water, we have fantastic Konges Slojd Baby Bear sunglasses. The glasses have a blindfold, so they do not fall out of the eyes, and are also very comfortable. In summer, apart from the eyes, we should also cover our heads, and Fresia hats are perfect for this purpose. And these are not all the accessories for playing by the water created by Konges Slojd. Inflatable balls, swimming wheels and vests, sleeves for toddlers and mini pools for toddlers immediately stole our hearts due to their great quality and wide selection. Every family will love these charming accessories!

Children can pack all their toys and accessories in the wonderful Konges Slojd Meadow suitcases to fully experience the charm of their first journeys. Everyday suitcases will also be a great decoration for a child's room. This is another example of a gadget that can be used in many ways, and we must honestly admit that these are the items we value the most.

In the era of the incredible popularity of Spanish dolls, Konges Slojd also took care of fantastic toys that can be combined with dolls. This is, for example, a cute stroller or a doll basket that can be used in any way. It will also be great for storing toys.

Being a mom is not only a full-time job, but also a job that requires higher logistics. Moms can dream about small, neat handbags, because there is no room for a whole arsenal of diapers, snacks, spare clothes and favorite toys (you never know when a little stroller will ask for his stuffed animal). Of course, you can compromise and put an elegant, small purse on one shoulder and a bag with things for a child on the other. Konges Slojd comes to the rescue, offering mothers beautiful All You Need bags, which you will not want to part with, even when the child grows up. The bags are available in various colors, so they can be easily adapted to an individual style. On the other hand, for the beach or for everyday errands in the city, we recommend the elegant Konges Slojd Meline beach brise d'ete cotton bags.

Another item that will be useful for every woman is a beautician. Konges Slojd quilted toiletry bags will accommodate cosmetics for the whole family, and at the same time look extremely stylish. High quality is also an advantage. The latest Konges Slojd collection also offers otherworldly mom bathing suits, which we'll write more about in the next Konges Slojd post. Then we will also tell you about the latest clothes for children and babies. We are sure that these styles will charm you!

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