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Toys and Accessories for Dolls from Konges Sløjd

A child's imagination knows no bounds. Every parent knows how important it is to support and nurture the creativity of little ones by providing them with the right tools to play with. The Konges Slojd brand fits perfectly into this philosophy, offering products that are not only functional but also beautiful. Today, we take a closer look at a set of doll accessories from this respected brand.

Milk Tank Doll Sleeping Bag

Can you imagine anything cosier than the colourful, multicoloured Milk Tank doll sleeping bag from Konges Slojd? Made of 100% organic cotton, it is perfect for dolls of all sizes. It will keep every doll warm and comfortable. Unforgettable moments of fun guaranteed!

Milk Tank Doll Bedding

But what's a sleeping bag without the right bedding? The Milk Tank doll bedding is another product from Konges Slojd that impresses with its quality and design. Like the sleeping bag, it is multicoloured and made of 100% organic cotton, fitting perfectly to the different sizes of dolls.

Milk Tank Doll Bag

Every little doll sitter knows how important the right accessories are. The Milk Tank Doll Bag is not only beautiful and practical, but also multifunctional, also serving as a changing table. Made of 100% organic cotton, with a practical metal zipper and a large outer pocket, it is a must-have for every little doll lover.

Doll Crib Ecru

When it's time for a rest, the Ecru doll's cot from Konges Slojd is just what you need. Made of 100% wood in off white, it provides comfort and safety while dolls of all sizes sleep.

Doll Carriage - Elegance and Functionality

And when it's time to go for a walk, the doll trolley from Konges Sløjd with harness and trolley bag is the perfect choice. Available in beautiful colours such as Milk Tank, Villetta, Marguerit Berry, Vivi Fleur, Total Eclipse, or Retro Total Eclipse, it suits the diverse tastes of little doll-sitters. With double wheels on all four legs and an iron frame, the pram is stable and easy to manoeuvre.

Konges Slojd products not only provide hours of great fun, but also teach responsibility and care. With accessories such as a sleeping bag, bedding, doll bag and doll pram, every girl will feel like a real carer. Functionality combined with elegant design and quality workmanship makes these accessories the perfect gift for any little doll lover. Let the magic of Konges Sløjd introduce your child to a world full of imagination and creativity, where every toy comes to life and becomes a best friend.

Follow us to keep up to date with news and trends in the world of children's toys and accessories. We believe that a well-chosen toy is not only a source of joy, but also an educational tool that helps shape the mind and character of our kids.

Finally, we invite you to visit our shop, where you will find a full range of Konges Sløjd products designed to create a magical world of play for your child. Each product is unique and designed with the little ones in mind to ensure safety, comfort and endless fun.

Konges Slojd
Konges Slojd

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