All children love stickers, and adults perfectly remember their weakness for colored stickers, which can turn ordinary objects into absolutely fabulous things! Especially for sticker lovers, we have established cooperation with the Poppik brand dealing in the production of unique sticker sets and cut-outs. These gadgets will allow your child to discover a fascinating world of shapes and colors.

Poppik is another French brand in our offer. Founded in 2016 by two friends: Delphine and Françoise, who have long dreamed of creating a borderless kingdom for children. Contrary to the usual patterns in the industry, women have created a brand with stickers: Poppik. Creating their own brand gave women a chance to create original projects, completely in line with their ideas.

Currently, the company employs 3 ladies, fascinated by the colorful world of children and having knowledge and experience in the field of pedagogy. Thanks to this, the amazing Poppik cut-outs are not only attractive, but also educational. I must admit that the imagination of the founders of the Poppik brand knows no bounds!

A child's brain works at speeds that adults can only dream of. During the first years of a child's life, the brain is fascinatingly creating new networks of neurons. It is thanks to this that children learn so quickly and without any special effort, which is worth taking advantage of.

The more time we spend with the child, reading fairy tales to him, playing and showing new things, the greater the chance that the child will be easier to achieve success in learning and life in the future. Toys for children and children's accessories are colorful and often downright kitschy for a reason. In this way, we stimulate the child's brain to work!

Colorful Poppik stickers and stickers are an amazing source of fun and de-stress. The creators of the brand made sure that each cut-out sheet had a certain educational value. For example, a 100% England sticker allows toddlers to learn basic English words that they will learn in no time!

Other cut-outs present, inter alia, the history of the world, which will surely appeal to slightly older, curious kids. On the other hand, a sticker with animals will charm even the most demanding children. Because who can pass indifferently by gadgets with cute animals?

On the other hand, the Poppik sets: My First Stickers, teach children to recognize shapes, improve motor coordination, and calm the child, who takes a dose of relaxation in concentration and absorbs knowledge at the same time.

Popular films about superheroes or biographies of famous scientists and artists made people believe that talent and genius are something that you simply get as a gift from fate. It is usually not mentioned that decades of learning, sketching, trying different techniques were behind Picasso's unique works. Einstein also failed to come up with groundbreaking theories by waking up from his after-dinner nap. It is true that everyone has different predispositions, one will count better, the other will write better, but the spark of development comes from the parents.

We do not mean to force the child to learn about everything. First of all, we care for the children to be happy, fulfilled and able to cope with the challenges posed by the children's world. The company of mom or dad while playing is a milestone in the child's development, because the toddler learns from the parent, imitates him, can observe activities that he would not get to know while playing alone.

Every moment you spend with your child playing together will pay off in the future. It is also worth remembering about praise that will encourage the child to overcome further barriers. Stickers, educational toys and colorful accessories are helpful tools, but remember that the most important thing for a child is you - the parents.

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