Children's Day is one of the most joyful days of the year. Children are very much looking forward to him, as this is the moment when they receive not only gifts, but also a lot of attention from their beloved parents. We suggest what gifts girls and boys can like!

All children are unique and they are happy to emphasize their individuality. The best tip for a parent looking for the perfect gift for Children's Day is their own child. Based on the favorite activities and interests of the child, you can perfectly match his taste and it does not necessarily have to be a great gift. Little things can be just as rewarding, especially if you can use them in various games.

In this way, a girl who loves to play with dolls and change them into various styles, will surely appreciate the wooden MIA dress up. The nice wooden doll has a beautiful collection of various outfits attached to the body with a magnet. It's amazing fun, and the magnetic clasps will surely fascinate the little fashion expert. Speaking of magnets, the universal toy is the magnetic jungle. The child's task is to pair the blocks in such a way that they represent different animals. These kinds of toys are interesting, practical and develop logical thinking skills.

Older children will appreciate various types of creative sets, for example, cut-outs, coloring pages with shiny felt-tip pens, or Art & Dots creative notebooks from the Londji brand, containing many interesting tasks.

Practical gifts for Children's Day are also educational games, for example the game Inside Me, which allows children to understand the human structure from the inside. Thanks to it, children are able to learn about the most important human organs, such as the heart, brain and stomach. The game is really interesting and you can play with up to 6 people!

Puzzles are a practical gift that develops children's skills. We have plenty of these in our store, for children of all ages and genders. Puzzles with a world map seem to be particularly interesting, which can then be framed and used for learning. Sensory puzzles and glowing in the dark puzzles, which are available in Mudpuppy products, will also be an interesting proposition.

The realistic Minikane and Miniland dolls are at the top when it comes to gifts for girls. They are popular Spanish dolls with a wide range of beautiful clothes and accessories. They will be to the liking of every girl, because they look great and are perfect for everyday fun.

Tattoos are made of tattoos among children of all sexes and ages. We offer a really wide collection of washable and non-toxic tattoos depicting cats, dogs, ballerinas and dinosaurs. Rich sets will provide an attraction for the whole family and you can use them without fear.

For all parents who take their children to playgrounds and to the sandbox, we recommend the Liewood sand cakes making kits. Silicone molds are durable, beautiful and very easy to clean, thanks to which they will be a gift that will serve children for years. They can be safely used in the sandbox, on the beach and even in the bathtub while bathing.

A kaleidoscope will also be a great gift for Children's Day. It is a fascinating little thing that will not only be a great toy, but also a way to stop boredom, for example while waiting for a doctor's appointment or while shopping.

Original gifts for children: surprise your little one

Children's toys create an endless kingdom of attractions. If, for example, Children's Day coincides with the birthday of your beloved toddler, or you want to make a unique gift for your child just like that, we recommend toys that will surely turn out to be surprising and interesting!

An example of original toys for children will be musical instruments in a version adapted for several-year-olds. The Vilac brand offers, for example, a mini piano with a stool, a piano and a guitar. Importantly, all the instruments are really playing! This is a great way to develop a child's passion for music and encourage them to learn notes.

Amazing family moments will be made even more pleasant by a kite in the shape of a huge butterfly from Djeco. No child will pass by such an attraction indifferently, and adults will feel the satisfaction of observing a toy in the sky. Similarly, you can also have fun at home, this time with the use of a small projector in the shape of a flashlight. A great solution also for those little ones who tend to linger before falling asleep.

Finally, we will give you one more original gift idea for a child, namely the Liewood wooden dental set. Pulling out teeth has never been so satisfying!

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