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Salt Water Sandals

Salt Water Sandals: an American Classic with Roots in Wartime Realities

The story of the Salt Water Sandals brand begins during the difficult times of World War II, in 1944. At the time, Americans faced daily restrictions - from food rationing to petrol and clothing. All of this was the result of massive wartime demands, which consumed significant amounts of raw materials. The US Office of Price Administration struggled to ensure that basic products were available to everyone - hence the coupon system that regulated consumption.

In these uncertain times, Walter Hoy, a worker in a military boot factory, came up with the idea of using leather waste to create footwear. His first creation was a pair of sandals for his daughter Margery. These inconspicuous beginnings quickly turned into something much bigger - families from all over St Louis began asking Hoy about the possibility of creating sandals for their children. Enforced by wartime shortages, Hoy's creativity gave birth to something that was to become an iconic American fashion statement.

Over the years, the Hoy Shoe Co, founded by Walter Hoy, has evolved, adapting to changing needs and trends. Today, the Salt Water brand and its sister line Sun-San are synonymous with high quality and style. They are manufactured from waterproof leather, perfect for the beach, the city or an out-of-town trip. Over the years, these sandals have evolved from a practical solution to a fashionable must-have, worn by fashionable people all over the world.

What sets Salt Water Sandals apart is not only their fashionable design and durability, but also the unique history and values they reflect. Behind every pair of these sandals is a story of innovation, family entrepreneurship and the ability to survive and adapt to changing circumstances. Salt Water Sandals are more than footwear; they are a symbol of the American ability to turn hardship into success and style.

Today, when you choose a pair of Salt Water Sandals, you are not only investing in quality and comfort, you are also becoming part of this remarkable story that began over 75 years ago with a simple idea during a time of global conflict. Salt Water Sandals are proof that fashion and functionality can go hand in hand with history and culture.

salt water


The Classic model is the quintessential Salt Water style. It features a timeless elegance and simplicity that has endured through the decades. It features adjustable straps fastened with durable nickel-plated buckles for a perfect fit. The Classic sandals are made from waterproof leather and have a durable rubber sole, making them ideal for any summer adventure. They are available in a wide range of colours, from classic browns to vibrant reds and blues.

salt water
salt water


The Original is the first model introduced by Salt Water and has gained fans for its reliability and durability. The distinctive woven flat strap sandal is ideal for wearing in the water and dry. With waterproof leather and a non-slip sole, the Originals are perfect for the beach and are a favourite among outdoor enthusiasts.


The Boardwalk model is the perfect combination of fashion and functionality. Elegant, with a gently contoured sole, these sandals are perfect for summer walks around town. The intertwining straps add a touch of sophistication, while the adjustable fastenings allow for a customised fit for every foot type.

salt water
salt water


The Swimmer is a model dedicated to those who can't imagine summer without water. Designed for comfort while swimming, the Swimmer has a special sole that does not slip on wet surfaces. They are more open than other models, allowing for faster drying and better ventilation.


The Sweetheart are cute and girly, with distinctive heart-shaped cutouts on the straps. These sandals are popular with women who appreciate both style and comfort. They pair perfectly with summer dresses and are available in a range of pastel colours.

salt water
salt water


The Sailor is a model designed with stability and durability in mind. The thicker sole and wide, sturdy straps provide optimum support, while the classic, unsophisticated design makes them a great addition to any casual outfit.


The Surfer is the perfect sandal for active women. Created with movement and comfort in mind, they have adjustable straps that fit the foot perfectly and an outsole that provides good shock absorption. These are sandals that you can confidently take on a hike or to the beach.

salt water
salt water

Flip-flops for Women

Salt Water flip-flops are a lighter alternative to traditional sandals. They offer the same features as the other models - waterproofness, durability and style - but in a more minimalist form. Ideal for a quick slip-on, they are great for after you get out of the water or for relaxing in the garden.

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