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Style and Safety on the Water: A Guide to Summer Beach Accessories from the Liewood brand

Liewood is a Danish brand that specialises in high quality, eco-friendly products for children and families. The company was founded in Copenhagen by Anne Marie Lie Norvig, who with her passion and love of design has created a brand that offers unique and beautiful products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Philosophy and values

Liewood's core philosophy is to combine aesthetics with utility. The brand's products are designed to be both visually appealing and functional at the same time, which is particularly important for children's items. Liewood also places a strong emphasis on sustainability, choosing natural and sustainable materials such as organic cotton, natural rubber and bamboo for production.

Liewood is not only about design and functionality, but also about a strong commitment to the environment. The brand uses only certified organic materials and strives to minimise production waste. All products are tested according to international safety standards, guaranteeing their high quality and durability.

Although Liewood is a Danish brand, its products are available worldwide, enjoying recognition and popularity among parents looking for products that are both beautiful and safe for their children. Its global distribution network allows for easy access to its range, which contributes to the brand's growing popularity internationally.

Liewood is a perfect example of a company that combines quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and social responsibility, offering products that are not only practical but also contribute to a better and more sustainable world.


Beach toys from Liewood

Liewood's beach toys are designed with little ones in mind, but they also please their parents thanks to their aesthetically pleasing designs and safe materials. The brand's range includes:

Sand sets: The colourful buckets, shovels, sand moulds and other accessories are made of durable silicone, which is safe, non-toxic and easy to clean. With these sets, toddlers can have a creative time at the beach, building castles and creating a variety of sand constructions.

Water toys: Floating ducks, boats and other figures made of natural rubber promote water play while developing children's motor skills.

Liewood swimming waistcoats

Safety in the water is a priority, and Liewood swimming waistcoats are designed to provide maximum protection and comfort for little swimmers:

Ergonomic design: the waistcoats are lightweight and have an ergonomic shape that does not restrict the child's movements, allowing them to freely explore the aquatic environment.

High-quality materials: Made from durable and quick-drying materials, the waistcoats also feature secure zips and adjustable straps for a perfect fit on your child's body.

Attractive designs and colours: Swim waistcoats from Liewood feature vibrant, child-appealing colours and designs that make them a favourite for children to wear.

Like all Liewood products, both the beach toys and the swimming waistcoats are made with minimal environmental impact in mind. The brand uses eco-friendly and certified materials, making the products not only safe for children, but also for the planet.

Liewood continues its mission to create beautiful, functional and safe products for children. Their beach toys and swimming waistcoats are perfect examples of how fun can be combined with learning and safety. With these products, every family trip to the beach or pool becomes better and safer, which is crucial for calm and joyful play.


The most fashionable Beach Accessories from Liewood

Known for their attention to detail and quality, Liewood isn't just limited to beach toys and swimming waistcoats. Their extensive range also includes stylish sandals, colourful swimwear and practical beach baskets that are perfect for summer trips to the water.

Beach accessories from Liewood are the perfect combination of functionality, safety and Scandinavian design. The sandals, swimming costumes and beach baskets are designed with the little ones in mind, but their high quality and style also attract the attention of adults. These products make every trip to the beach even more fun and colourful, enabling families to create beautiful memories in comfort and safety.


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