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The '32 Degrees' collection from the brand Piupiuchick for the Spring/Summer 2024 season!

We remember one hot summer when we were about eight years old. The sun seemed to hang inexorably in the sky, casting its fiery rays on our neighbourhood. It was so hot that the tarmac on the roads seemed to melt and the air shimmered with waves of heat.

During this summer, our friends and we gathered daily at the local beach by the river. The cool water was a refuge from the heat, and we spent hours splashing around and playing games. Cannonball competitions, games and races on the beach were our favourite activities. Laughter and joyful shouts echoed through the air, mixing with the refreshing splashes.

When we weren't by the water, we sought shade wherever we could find it. One particularly hot afternoon, we discovered a massive oak tree near our friend's house. Its wide branches provided a natural canopy, shielding us from the scorching sun. We would gather under its comforting shade, sharing stories, playing cards, and enjoying the refreshing popsicles we had tucked away in the fridges. It became our secret hideaway for the summer, our oasis in the desert of heat.

The playground equipment would become hot under the relentless heat, making it impossible to play. Instead, we brought water guns and water balloons, engaging in epic water fights to cool off. Glistening water droplets glittered like diamonds in the golden hour sunshine, and our laughter filled the air as we dodged and soaked each other.

The hot summer is the perfect excuse to devour icy treats such as popsicles and ice cream. The satisfying feeling of a frozen treat melting in your mouth brings temporary relief from the heat. But they need to be eaten quickly before they turn into a sticky mess trickling down your hand.

Looking back, those hot summers hold a special place in our hearts. They were filled with carefree days, endless fun and the resilience of childhood. The heat was just another part of the adventure, and despite the scorching temperatures, those summers will always remain some of our fondest memories.

Hot summers can be demanding and sweaty, but they also have their own unique charm and memories that make them an unforgettable part of the season. Now, for the Spring/Summer 2024 season, the Piupiuchick brand brings back those memories and inspirations with its latest '32 Degrees' collection.

Piupiuchick's '32 Degrees' collection brings us not only style, but also comfort and convenience, which are crucial on hot days. The clothes are made for children who want to enjoy summer adventures without undue discomfort.

The latest collection from the Piupiuchick brand offers lightweight dresses, airy shorts, and colourful blouses that are perfect for playing at the beach, walking in the park or meeting friends. The materials used in the clothes are skin-friendly and allow freedom of movement, which is extremely important for children who know no limits to their energy.

In addition, Piupiuchick has taken care of the details, creating clothes in soft pastel colours and with charming patterns that remind us of happy summer days. There are also practical accessories that are essential for summer adventures, such as hats to protect from the sun and comfortable sandals.

For the Spring/Summer 2024 season, Piupiuchick's '32 Degrees' brand makes it possible for children to enjoy summer moments, reminding us of those unforgettable hot years of our childhood. Stay fresh and comfortable during your summer adventures with Piupiuchick!


Get to know the Piupiuchick brand!

Piupiuchick is a Portuguese children's brand that has gained recognition and popularity for its unique aesthetics, high quality products and commitment to ecology. The Piupiuchick brand is known for creating children's clothing and accessories that combine comfort, style and social responsibility.

Piupiuchick is committed to the quality of its products, making clothes that are durable and comfortable to wear, especially important for children's clothing. The brand is committed to the environment, often using eco-friendly materials and minimising its impact on the planet. Piupiuchick draws inspiration from a retro aesthetic, which attracts those who appreciate classics and uniqueness. 

Despite the unique design, Piupiuchick's clothes are practical and functional, paying attention to details such as comfortable fastenings and stretchy materials to ensure maximum comfort for children.

The brand also pays attention to detail, creating accessories such as hats, bags and jewellery that go perfectly with the clothes and add extra charm.

Piupiuchick is the perfect choice for parents who are looking for unique and high-quality clothing for their children, while being environmentally conscious. Its original designs, eco-conscious approach and comfortable clothes make it a significant player in the children's fashion market.


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