The best gifts for a girl. Christmas suggestions from Miss Lemonade!

We are pleased to invite you to the second edition of the post about gifts for the holidays. A few days ago we shared gift ideas for a boy, and today we will talk about interesting gift ideas for a girl. Christmas is approaching at the pace of the Orient Express, and Santa Claus is still ahead of us. Our tips can be useful to all busy parents!

Christmas gift for a girl - what's hot right now?

Girls usually focus their attention on dolls, toys depicting animals and accessories for painting and gluing. However, don't let these general assumptions fool you. Remember that children know no boundaries and can play with literally anything. It happens that a girl just loves to play with cars and there's really nothing wrong with that. So fashion is fashion, but the gift should always suit the child's taste. Otherwise, there is no point in buying it. Toys are meant to be fun, not to decorate wardrobes.

Mostly, however, it happens that the most fashionable toys are on top for a reason. These are objects so charming and interesting that children find it hard to resist. A great example would be, for example, Spanish dolls or baby dolls. Children are fascinated by the realistic appearance of the dolls and take great pleasure in taking care of them. Lacquer babies are great as a gift for a little girl, also under 3 years old. There are no small parts in this type of toys, making them safe. In our store you will also find baby dolls and Spanish dolls. Pay attention to the Miniland and Minikane brands.

Ecological toys made of wood are also gaining more and more popularity. Here you will also find a lot of gift ideas for a little girl, for example a wooden cash register from Konges Slojd or a wooden dog on wheels from Liewood. A toy cash register is a toy that no child can resist, and it's the same with toys depicting cute animals.

Creative gifts for a girl 8-12 years old

Creativity is permanently inscribed in the mind of a child. This fantastic skill is worth developing, because it is also very useful in adult life. Fortunately, no effort is needed to stimulate the development of a child's creativity. All you need are fantastic decoupage kits, stickers and jewelry making kits. Younger girls can also play with this type of accessories, but you should pay attention to whether the selected set does not have small elements or whether it will not be too advanced for a small child.

The Sentosphere brand has a fantastic collection of accessories for making jewelry. The offer includes shiny bracelets with zircons, of course, for self-design and assembly. Not only that, the brand also has boxes decorated with diamonds (a plastic diamond is the best friend of an 8-year-old woman). Diamond boxes are also self-assembled, which is a lot of fun!

Girls who want to develop artistically, who like to paint and create, will be interested in Djeco art sets and captivating decals from Moulin Rota. An interesting option will also be a trunk with a stationery set and decorative stationery. These are accessories thanks to which girls (and not only them) can create their first works of art.

A universal Christmas gift for a girl

Are you looking for a gift for a girl, but you have run out of ideas? Or maybe the child is too young to give you a hint about choosing a gift? In that case, pay attention to a few universal Christmas gifts good for a girl. It will be, for example, a slime making kit. WITH GLITTER. It's fun for hours. Teenagers will also appreciate the manicure set. Let's face it, women from birth value a good manicure, which is why a set of safe nail polishes for children is essential.

Collages and scratch cards will also be a very interesting gift. There is something fascinating about creating and discovering colorful pictures. In Miss Lemonade you will find collages, stickers and scratch cards adapted for children of all ages.

Gifts that have been on top for decades are also puzzles. Currently, we have beautiful collections of puzzles for children, teenagers and adults to choose from. Puzzles that you can't take your eyes off of are created by the Mudpuppy brand. Puzzles depicting a map of Europe or the Solar System are entertaining and educational at the same time. Excellent puzzles for younger children are offered by Vilac and Djeco.

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