It's December 1st and we're officially entering the holiday season. And although we believe that gifts are not the most important thing at this time, hardly anyone resists the joyful tradition of giving gifts to loved ones. We suggest how not to lose your head during Christmas shopping and what gifts for women may turn out to be a hit

Experts advise not to shop for groceries on an empty stomach, because then we lose common sense when buying. We buy what our stomach craves, and yet it craves almost everything because it is hungry! It is even worse with buying gifts, because there is no way to prepare for the fascinating power of advertisements, shop windows, promotions and recommendations. Manufacturers of fast fashion clothing and all products that can be safely called disposable, make great use of the holiday season to encourage us to shop uncontrollably.

Surrounded by a festive arrangement and good lighting, a polyester dress for PLN 300 seems to be a gift of a lifetime. It looks so beautiful and luxurious! Blinded by the light of Christmas exhibitions, we do not notice that it is a dress made of the worst quality material, sewn on average and produced for a maximum of a dozen zlotys. Such a gift is likely to stay in the closet forever (or be sold). To avoid similar shopping failures, it is worth considering making a list of gifts tailored to the interests and personality of your loved one. It is certainly easier and more pleasant than rushing between shops in shopping malls, without any idea and in panic, whether you will be able to find something before December 24th.

TIP #1: Make a gift list and be an informed customer. Watch out for marketing tricks, check the quality of products and find out about the possibility of returns.

Sometimes it's better to give someone a voucher for hugs than to give a bundle worth hundreds or thousands of zlotys. And unfortunately there are a lot of them. Women are told that they are ugly and unfashionable to buy a lot of junk. Every woman has beauty and elegance. These features can be easily emphasized with good quality things. Clothes must necessarily have a natural composition, unless it is a delightful swimsuit for winter holidays in warm countries. By the way, Konges Slojd swimsuits will be perfect for such a surprise. And if you can't go to warm countries, it's worth trying at least for a weekend at the SPA.

An elegant gift for her should make a woman feel comfortable and confident. And nothing emphasizes female beauty like self-confidence and good humor! So we suggest you take a look at the category of luxury American-style pajamas: a cotton shirt and loose, long pants. Just in time for cold winter evenings and nights!

Another interesting gift for a woman for the holidays will also be a handbag. This is the safest gift idea, because women just need to use handbags or backpacks - they always carry a lot of things with them, especially if they are mums. And since women also like handbags, this is a great combination of a practical and luxurious gift. At Miss Lemonade, fantastic handbags and elegant bags for mums are offered by the following brands: Numero 74, Studio Noos and Bohemia Design.

TIP #2: Read reviews about stores and products, especially those advertised by famous faces. A lot of "luxury" products have only luxury marketing. Niche brands do not invest hundreds of thousands of zlotys in advertising, but they care about the quality of the offer, because it is quality that is their best advertisement.

If traveling on the Orient Express across Europe was the same price as an economy class flight, what would you choose? The answer seems obvious. Orient Express is luxury, adventure and comfort. This choice is worth referring to ... shopping. As we mentioned earlier, today things of poor quality can be sold as luxury. Example? Polyester-acrylic sweater for a few hundred zlotys. For the same price, we can have an equally beautiful sweater made of pure wool (proof: women's sweater Bobo Choses Color Block). It looks and warms - it's the best weapon for Polish winters. And speaking of winter, an elegant scarf will be an excellent, practical gift, for example, this one made of organic cotton from Numero 74. You can match the set with a merino wool hat (for example, the Hvid Fronzie Adult hat) so that your beloved woman never gets cold.

High-quality products can be found even in chain stores, just look carefully! Of course, as always, we recommend shopping at Miss Lemonade, but we also want your every purchase to be successful. Therefore, we hope that our short guide will help you find the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

TIP #3: It's not the logo that determines the luxury, but the quality of the product. Quality can be seen from a distance and even people who don't know about fashion can see it.

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