Wolf & Rita in spring - summer season 2018 as always works its charms adapting its extraordinary approach to the children fashion. Wonderful, intense coloring full of warm and intense colors and remarkable cuts became known for these peculiar traits.

This fashion line SS2018 MISTER ED has been inspired by an American artist Ed Rusch and his works which are a mixture of pure colors with typical letter style and enigmatic, full of humor messages. That’s what the newest fashion line of Wolf & Rita is like - it is full of strong, intense colors and characteristic graphical features. It embodies completely that what characterizes the children and their world – the freedom which is reflected in the way the children play, draw pictures and envisage the world, it’s their independent spirit.

The fashion line SS2018 HI MISTER ED enraptures with its combinations of colors which at the first glance couldn’t have matched each other for example pink combined with orange but these combinations make the beautiful coherent whole, you can be delighted by rare cuts, patterns or cloths.


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