„Do you remember your favourite clothes when you were a child? That clothes you would love to wear every day and which your mother managed to get rid of before you knew it? Do you remember how you felt every time you put it on?...””

The Buho Barcelona brand was created when the vocation of the main designer Ines met with the instincts that she woke up after the birth of two children: Chloe and Marc. Ines wanted her children to love their clothes, just as she had once loved her checkered shirt brought by her parents from Canada. Buho clothes are simplicity combined with convenience. We will not find many patterns and bright colors here. The designer's favorite designs are checks and stripes. The colors of the clothes are toned down and are focused around shades of gray, pink, blue, yellow and white. All this together with soft fabrics will make your child feel special. Materials used in the production of Buho clothes come mainly from France, Spain and Italy, because they pay a lot of attention to the quality of the raw material. Complex techniques of washing and dyeing fabrics used by the Buho brand allow to obtain unique colors that evoke great emotions that creating bohemia. All Buho products are manufactured in Spain, Portugal or Italy, in order to exercise strict quality control and support the principle of local and sustainable trade.

The latest AW18 collection impresses with wonderful clothes for the youngest children. Noticeable here is the Baby Zou Bucle jacket in gray, and made in the same style Nepal Boucle cap and Teddy Boucle coverall with a hood. they are covered with gray wool on the outside while the inner lining is made of dark striped material. The jacket and coverall are fastened with buttons. The offer for infants also includes jumpsuits, shorts, blouses and skirts. Jumpsuits are available in two designs, the first one, Olaf Fleece in brown, has a pocket on the front and buttons fastened under the neck. The other one is in dark color with stripes and has patches on the sleeves. The patches are a characteristic of the autumn-winter Buho collection. They are on all the blouses from this collection and gardeners Hamlet Melange Fleece. Clothes for babies are available in three sizes: for 12-month, 18-month and 2-years old children.

Buho also did not forget about older children while creating a new collection. In the offer for the older children, we can find a Elia Tencel dress in navy blue colour with braces. The dress has an elastic at the waist and the suspenders fastened with buttons. Another product is the Emma Voile skirt in brown. The skirt has an elastic at the waist and buttons on the front. The aforementioned Zou Bacle jacket is also available in version for older children. All these products are available for children between the ages of four and twelve.

On winter days, you should also have warm hats. Buho in its collection offers two models: Bubu Knit Pom Pom and the previously mentioned Nepal Bucle cap. The first one is available in two colors: gray and black. It is made of soft wool and has a binding at the neck thanks to it better stays on the child's head. The second cap, also wool, is gray and has cat ears.


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