Wonderful dresses, beautiful blouses, soft sweaters. All this and much more can be found in the latest collection autumn-winter 2018 from Caramel.

The latest collection of Caramel impresses with its wide range of colors, glamor patterns and quality of fabrics. The collection is intended for both infants and older children. What strikes the eye in the first place are remarkable fashions, which makes clothes suitable for both everyday and official outings. The colors and fashions are chosen to blend in perfectly with each other.

A bit of elegance

The latest collection of Caramel offers clothes for both everyday use and special occasions. Worth mentioning here are dresses that are the basis of girls outfit. Caramel has several models. The first is the Ostrich dress, available in two colors. One of them is white with dark stripes, the other is brown. Both models have embroidered brown flowers that make the dress look very elegant and girly. This model is available in the version for infants and older children. If you are going to a party or other event, make sure you get a Antelope dress. This is an extremely elegant option for every girl. The dress is made of beautiful flowery fabric. Little buttons on the front and a black strap that blends in perfectly with the whole and adds to the charm. The Cow skirt in brown color can also be an excellent choice. It has two pockets on the sides, on which brown flowers are sewn like in Ostrich's dress. The skirt will perfectly match the Butterfly blouse in the same color, whose elegance is added by the ribbon tied under the neck.

More casual

Clothes offered by Caramel are not only very elegant, but thanks to light fabrics and flowery patterns, they are also ideal for everyday walking. Noteworthy here are beautiful ethereal blouses. One of them is the Dove blouse. It is available in two versions: green and pink. Both made of fabric in black and white dots and decorated with a frill around the neck, on the chest and on the sleeves. Another product that children will love is the Ladybird blouse, available in three models. All of them have a frill around the neck and on the sleeves. They are very loose blouses made of cotton and viscose. The model for babies has buttons around the neck. People who love warm, sunny colors will surely delight the Mouse blouse. The yellow fabric with white flowers fits perfectly into the autumn climate, just like the Gazelle dresses.

For colder days

In winter, you should stock up on warmer clothes. Caramel offers here a few warm and pleasant products. The basis during a cold day is a warm coat. In the autumn-winter collection, we can find two models. The first is the elegant Bear coat in a checkered design with a four-button fastening at the front. The second one is a green coat with one row of buttons at the front and pockets on the sides. The coat is ideal for the Camel dress, also designed for colder days. Made of very soft, best-quality wool will not let your child freeze even on very cold days. Autumn-winter Caramel collection also includes Capybara warm cashmere sweaters and Coati wool sweaters.


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