Engel is a brand full of laughter, helping everyone to celebrate every little moment. The brand comes from the Netherlands and was founded by Sabien Engelenburg. Engel began his adventure with the creation of the collection from the production of colorful flags and paper decorations to celebrate every party, and later began to produce backpacks and pencil cases, which will soon be available in our store.

Fabulous patterns

The latest collection of backpacks and pencil cases from Engel has wonderful patterns. We can find here everything, from apples, to cute bunnies, and storm clouds. The patterns perfectly reflect the character and temperament of children. Of course, we will also find here backpacks in a simple version, without any prints ideally for older children, and even for adults. Zipper backpacks are available in four colors: pink, green, yellow and white. These backpacks have a pocket at the front fastened with a colored zipper and handles at the top, so that is easy to hold them in your hands or hang them on a hanger.

School satchels

Holidays have just begun and no one is thinking about going back to school, but the Engel brand is ready for this period. The collection offers beautiful satchels. All satchels have a flap fastened with one or two buckles depending on the model and size. Schoolbags also have handles to hold in the hand like backpacks. In the middle of the satchel there is a zippered pocket for valuable items such as telephone, keys or documents. Under the flap, satchels have two small pockets, for pens, pencils, rulers and other useful accessories at school. Thinking about children of all ages, Engel designed schoolbags in two sizes. Larger, more roomy for older children and small for preschoolers. What is important in the new collection of Engel schoolbags is their ecological origin - from the outside they are made of plastic bottles!

When you are preparing a child for school, it is worth having a pencil case that will accommodate not only school supplies but also children's ideas. Engel in the latest collection offers two pencil cases in an apple pattern, which fits perfectly with a satchel with the same motif. So, there is nothing to ponder and postpone shopping until September, it is worth to buy these items now.


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