Louise Misha brand was created by two friends: Aurélie Remetter and Marie Pidancet The French girls came up with this idea when they came back from a trip to India. Because they are both closely related to their families, the brand name comes from a grandma who was called "Louise" by her grandchildren. The second part derives from a beloved mother called "Misha".

Inspired by travels and vintage details, the first collection was created in winter 2012 and consisted exclusively of jewellery for little girls. Gradually, Louise Misha became a complete collection of ready-made clothes, jewellery and accessories for little princesses.

In 2014, the Women collection was created. In winter 2017, the Baby line is added to the collection with clothes for the little ones, three-month-old children, kids and accessories for them.

The designers themselves define their style as boho with elements of nostalgia. The boho style, because it comes from a mixture of cultures and is very diverse by definition. It is characterized by three slogans: romanticism, liberty and freedom. That is why, it perfectly matches the girlish world of dreams. 

Louise Misha focuses on casual cuts that are extremely important for children. In spring / summer season 2018, girls, both the youngest and the older ones, will be able to fascinate with the naturalness and subtlety. During sunny, warm summer, a baby wardrobe should consist of cotton bodysuits decorated with lace or embroidered flowers, yellow and mustard dresses with subtle, floral decorations. For those princesses who take their first steps, comfortable overalls and blouses with frill sleeves were created. They are decorated with embroidered flowers and pompoms. Floral vintage sleeping bag will make your child feel warm on cooler days and a shoulder bag for mum will hold all necessary things. 

Older girls will be able to choose from delicate, sheer dresses, cross back straps blouses, cute dungarees or original and comfortable overalls. All clothes are not only comfortable, but above all beautiful. The girlish charm is emphasized by carefully made details in vintage style. Decorations in the form of lace, embroidery, frills and pompoms are eye-catching and subtle colours like beige, pistachio, silver blue, powder pink, white or lemon remind you of carefree summer. 

Louise Misha's clothes will perfectly highlight the personality of a little dreamer who discovers the world and fascinates with her naturalness. 


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