Oeuf brand is not only wonderful clothes, but also cozy accessories ideally suited for autumn and winter activities. What impresses in this brand is the softness of fabrics and the ingenuity of designers. You can find here products with animal accents designed for the youngest and stylizations for older children.

New AW18 collection from Oeuf has a lot of new products, mainly in the form of cute hats and gloves. All gloves have beautiful patterns, mainly stripes and dots. There is also a fruity accent. They are available in two sizes: for two and four years old child. There will also be well-known and popular animal accents. In the autumn-winter collection, we can see the latest sheep-shaped hat in three sizes: for one, two and four years old child, and bambi gloves in the shape of animal paws perfectly matching the hat with the same motif, also available in our store.

New collection from Oeuf has also three new models of sweaters, all available in three sizes: for two, four and six years old child. The first of them is a funny white sweater with blue stripes with the image of a panda. The next two, brown and mustard, are cardigans fastened with a buttons. All sweaters are perfect for cold, winter days.

Oeuf is a brand from New York that produces children's furniture and clothes. What impresses in this brand are soft and pleasant in the touch clothes made of the best quality materials. All materials are hypoallergenic, which makes them even more child-friendly. Oeuf production is 100% ecological and environmentally friendly.


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