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Sticky Lemon Pickleball Sticky Lemon 1802250
Sticky Lemon Pickleball Sticky Lemon 1802250
Sticky Lemon Pickleball Sticky Lemon 1802250
Sticky Lemon Pickleball Sticky Lemon 1802250
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Sticky Lemon Pickleball Sticky Lemon 1802250
Sticky Lemon Pickleball Sticky Lemon 1802250
Sticky Lemon Pickleball Sticky Lemon 1802250
Sticky Lemon Pickleball Sticky Lemon 1802250

Pickleball Sticky Lemon

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The Better Together Pickleball set is the perfect way to play together. Each set contains two racquets and two balls, perfect for playing pickleball. Sizes: racket 19 x 38.1 cm. Playing in pairs makes the fun even better!

  • Multicolored
  • One size


Pickleball Better Together

Take your fun to the next level with the Pickleball Better Together set. This dynamic game is perfect for spending time with friends or family, providing unforgettable moments full of fun and physical activity.

Playing Together

Pickleball is a game that works best in company. Whether you play with your best friend, siblings or partner, playing together is a source of great fun and healthy competition. Playing together brings you closer together and creates memories that will stay with you for a long time.

The Complete Set

The Pickleball Better Together kit contains everything you need to get started playing. In the set you will find two sturdy racquets and two durable balls, ready for immediate use. Thanks to the appropriate dimensions of the rackets (19 x 38.1 cm), the game is comfortable and accessible to people of all ages.

Exceptional Quality

The racquets are made of high quality materials for durability and comfort. The balls are suitable for intensive play, retaining their properties for a long time. The whole set is lightweight and easy to carry, so you can enjoy a game of pickleball wherever you are.

Extra Fun

With this set, the fun never stops. Pickleball is a great way to get active outdoors, improve your fitness and coordination. It's also a great opportunity to learn new skills and improve reflexes.

Join the game and discover how much fun playing together can be with the Pickleball Better Together set!

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Education games

Sustainability and Ecology in Kids' Backpacks

Sticky Lemon is a Danish brand that offers backpacks for children that are a combination of sustainability and environmental care. The brand's backpacks are made from recycled bottles, making them not only durable but also planet-friendly. By choosing a Sticky Lemon backpack, you are not only providing your child with a durable and functional product, but you are also contributing to the environment.

Comfort and Functionality for Young Explorers

There is a strong emphasis on comfort and functionality in Sticky Lemon backpacks. The soft, adjustable shoulder straps ensure a comfortable carrying experience and a perfect fit for your child's body. The roomy main compartment and practical zipped pockets allow for easy and safe storage of all children's treasures. Sticky Lemon backpacks are the perfect choice for both the preschooler and the older primary school student, providing space for all essential items.

Stylish and Colourful Design

Sticky Lemon backpacks stand out from the crowd with their unique, colourful designs. Interesting colour combinations will make your child's backpack stand out in a crowd on the city street, while the same brand's glittery pencil cases will add sparkle to any school adventure. These stylish and practical school accessories are sure to attract attention and allow your child to express their individual style.

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